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Vitamine AD3 E inj. Sterile (INJ. ADVIT DE)

Advit de 10ml Product Name & Composition:
Each ml contains : Vitamin A: 2,50,000 I.U + Vitamin D3 : 25,000 + Vitamin E 100 I.U

10 ml Vial

ADVIT DE is specially indicated for maintaining the growth, production and lactation of farm animals. It is useful in solving infertility and under developed genitalia. It maintains the pregnancy. It is also useful as a supportive therapy in General Debility, Stress and as a Co – therapy with antibiotics.

Administration & Dosage:
By deep I/M only.
Large Animals: 5 ml per day for Prophylaxis, 10 ml for treatment.
Small Animals: 1 -2 ml per day for Prophylaxis, 2 -4 ml for treatment.
Advised to give on alternate days for 2 weeks which may be repeated after 4 weeks if needed.