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Sodium Acide Phosphate (INJ. TENOPHOS VET)

photo_not_available Product Name & Composition:
Each ml contains :
Sodium Acid Phosphate . 40.3 % W.V ( eq to Elemental Phospahate 80 mg. Per ml )

30 ml Vial

TENOPHOS Vet contains inorganic phosphorous, which is more useful in acute cases. It is indicated in Infertility cases, such as : Under developed Genitalia, Delayed maturity, Anooestrus and maintenance of Pregnancy. It is very effective to treat Metabolic disorders such as : Post parturient Haemoglobinuria, Hypo Phosphataemia, Ketosis and Milk fever. It is useful in General debility conditions and in the treatment of Bloat, Tetany, Pica & Rickets in lambs.

Administration & Dosage:
By I/M, I/V, S/C use.
Large Animals: 5 – 10 ml for alternate days.
Small Animals: 1 – 5 ml
The dose may be adjusted according to the Phosphorous requirement of the animal. It is advised to administer half the dose in I/V and the remaining half dose in several places by S/C route in several places.