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Vitamin B1,B6,B12 (INJ. BION-12 VET)

Bion 10ml Product Name & Composition:
BION 12 Vet
Vitamin B1 : 30 mg + Vitamin B6 : 13.75 mg + Vitamin B12 : 500 mcg
10ml Vials

Bion – 12 Vet is a sterile solution of three important B Vitamins, that are essential for the synthesis of co enzymes and the integrity of the nervous system. It is indicated for anorexia, fatigue and debility conditions. Neurological disorders, dermatitis, pregnancy and lactation. Also indicated in post-parturient paresis and paralysis of limbs.

Administration & Dosage:

By I/M use only.

Large Animals: 10 ml

Small Animals: 2 – 3 ml