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Ivermactin (INJ. IVEL VET)

Product Name & Composition:
Each ml contains Ivermectin 10 mg

50 ml, 10 ml Vials

IVEL Vet is a ready to use Anthelmentic and endodectocide that exhibits activity against both ecto and endo parasites. It is effective against Gastro Intestinal round worms such as : Ostertagia ostertagi, Haemonchus placei and other such worms. It is also very effective against Roundworms, Lung worms, Screw worms in cattle and sheep. It is also effective against Lice, Mites and Ticks.

Administration & Dosage:
By S/C use only.
IVEL Vet is not to be used Intravenously or Intramuscularly.
Large & Small Animals: 0.2 mg / Kg Body wt ( 1 ml / 50 Kg B.wt)