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Dexamethasone Phosphate (INJ. MORDEX VET)

Mordex 5ml Product Name & Composition:
Each ml contains Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate 4 mg

5 ml Vial

Mordex Vet is a highly active gluco corticoid with powerful anti – inflammatory and anti ketotic (gluconeogenesis) effect. It is highly recommended for the treatment of Ketosis, inflammation of respiratory tract, urogenital tract, local inflammatory conditions, arthritis, surgical shock, anaphylactic shock, haemorrhage and septic shock, pregnancy toxaemia and induction of parturition.

Administration & Dosage:
By I/M , slow I/V use only.
Large Animals: 10 – 20 mg ( 2 – 5 ml)
Small Animals: 0.5 – 2 mg ( 0.5 to 2 ml)