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Vitamin & mineral (VETMAX POW GOLD)

Product Name & Composition:


1 Kg Packing

NUTRITIONAL VALUE :Each 1 Kg of VETMAX Gold contains :

Bacillus Subtilis 50,000 millin  CFU

Vitamin A            7,00,000 I.U          Magnesium      6000 mg

Vitamin B 12            3000 mg             Manganese      1500 mg

Vitamin D3          1,40,000 I.U            Potassium          100 mg

Vitamin E                   250  mg              Selenium            10 mg

Nicotinamide               100  mg               L – lysin               4 mg

Cobalt                          150 mg             DL – Methionin  200 mg

Copper                      1200  mg             Zinc                   2200 mg

Iodine                          325 mg                Calcium            25.5 %

Iron                            5900 mg                 Phosphorus     12.75 %

VETMAX GOLD is a scientifically balanced feed supplement formulation of Vitamins and minerals in a chelated form to meet the bodily requirements of Vitamins and minerals . It not only increases Milk Yield but improves fat percentage in milk also. It meets the bodily requirements of pregnant animals. It helps in the prevention of diseases, improves fertility and growth. The chelated form of VETMAX GOLD ensures better absorption into the animal system and complete utility of all the minerals, by better delivery into the body tissues.

Mixing Ratio:
Large Animal : 50 gm per cattle per day to be mixed with feed. Calf/ Pigs : 25 – 30 gm per day to be mixed with feed Fish : 1 Kg to be mixed in 100 Kg of feed