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Sterile Sulbactam & Cefoperazone (INJ. CEFVEL VET)

Cefvel vet 3gm Product Name & Composition:
Each vial contains : Cefoperazone Sodium 2 gm + Sulbactum Sodium 1 gm

4.5 gm, 3 gm Vial

CEFVEL with combination of Cefoperazone & Sulbactum exhibits a marked synergistic action. Cefaperazone is a semi synthetic broad spectrum Cephalosporin antibiotic. Sulbactum nullifies the action of any resistance by betalactamase. CEFVEL successfully treats Mastitis, Metritis, Cervicitis, Abdominal infection. Pneumonia and septicaemia.

Administration & Dosage:
By I/M, & I/V use only.
Large Animals : 5 – 10 mg / Kg. Body wt.
Small Animals :10 – 15 mg/ Kg. Body wt.
Dissolve the content with sterile water provided along with the pack and use.