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Oxytetracycline 20% (LA) (INJ. OXYMOR LA)

Oxymor LA 50 ml Product Name & Composition:
Each ml contains : Oxytetracycline Dihydrate 200 mg per

50 ml Glass Vial

Used in the treatment of infections in Catlle, Sheep, Goats and Pigs. Indicated in Contagious Bacterial infections like Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Black Quarter and Joint ill in sheep, goats and pigs. In Pneumonia and other general infections. When repeated treatment is not feasible, Oxymor LA is the drug of choice as an antibiotic.

Administration & Dosage:
Use only as directed. Do not inject intravenously. Oxymor LA is designed for intramuscular injection. Normally, a single treatment of 1 ml/10 kg body mass will be sufficient for the treatment of susceptible disease conditions. Repeat the dose after 72 hours.