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Inj. Of Trimethoprim & Sulphamethoxazole (INJ. MORPRIM VET I/V )

Morprim IV 30ml
Product Name & Composition:
Composition : Each 5 ml contains : Trimethoprim 80 mg  + Sulphamethoxazole 400 mg
30ml Vial
Morprim Vet is a combination of two bactericidal chemotherapeutics. It is known for the synergistic pharmacological actions of these two combinations. It is the drug of choice for the treatment of Diarrhoea and Haemorrhagic Septicaemia. Morprim Vet is also recommended for the treatment of any mixed bacterial infections affecting respiratory tract , urinary tract, alimentary tract and genital tract.
Administration & Dosage:
By I/V use only.
Large Animals: 15 – 30 mg/ Kg. Body.wt  (15 ml for 400 Kg animal)
Small Animals: 15 mg / Kg. Body.wt