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Gentamicin Sulphate (Gentamor Vet)

Gentamor 30ml Product Name & Composition:
Each ml contains : Gentamicin Sulphate 40 mg.

100ml, 30ml Vials

Gentamor Vet is an excellent medicine against Gram – ve bacteria. A bactericidal antibiotic active even at low concentrations against wide spectrum of bacteria. Gentamor Vet is the best antibiotic against infections caused by bacteria in U.T, R.T. It is the drug of choice to treat Metritis and Repeat Breeders.

Administration & Dosage:
By I/M, I/V and Intra Uterine Use only

Large Animals : 1- 2 mg/ Kg. Body.wt

Small Animals : 2 – 4 mg/ Kg. Body.wt

Intra-Uterine : 2 ml Gentamor – Vet diluted with 20 ml of distilled water in case of repeat breeders.