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Morvel Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed pharmaceutical company which was established in 1986. The company’s strength is the manufacturing of a wide range of quality medicines, specializing injectables both for human (pharma) & Veterinary use. Morvel has its own pharmaceutical unit at Mehsana, North Gujarat, which is known for its surplus dairy production. Morvel is now manufacturing a wide range of 35 injectables for human use and 34 injectables for veterinary use. Good manufacturing practice are strictly adhered to during the production. The company possesses GMP [Good Manufacturing process] with schedule M certificate and also has ISO 9001-2008 certification. The products conform to the global standards laid down under the Indian / British and Japan pharmacopoeia (Pharma & Veterinary) Quality Control i an important area of excellence at Morvel. All the raw materials and packing materials are tested thoroughly and only those conforming to the standard specifications are accepted. the advanced and latest technology in the pharmaceutical manufacturing. Highly skilled, qualified and experienced staff are employed in the manufacturing unit. with these high standards, Morvel finds itself as one the leading pharmaceuticals with a wide range of products in our country specially in the veterinary field. Morvel Has a wide distribution network through out the country. We believe in sound ethical marketing. All our field executives are highly equipped with the full knowledge of product information. Morvel is dedicated to the members of the Medical & Veterinary profession.

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